Opportunities for all

Glasgow City Council is wholly determined to deliver the explicit commitment identified within Opportunities for All, to offer a place in learning or training to every 16 to 19 year old not currently in employment, education or training. This unprecedented commitment ensures that all young people have the opportunity to improve their chances of sustainable employment through learning or training. It also ensure that the post-16 system focuses on supporting those at risk of disengaging as well as those who are already without current employment, education or training.

Glasgow's Youth Employment Activity Plan (YEAP)

Reflects local partnership delivery arrangements and details referral routes for 16+ opportunities. Within the YEAP is an Employability Pipeline which provides a simple route map highlighting local provision to support young people into employment through a staged process, at the core of which is the identification of individual need.

Stage Overview

Stage 1

Interventions are designed for our most vulnerable young people

Characteristically, a young person referred to a stage 1 intervention may require some one-to-one support before feeling able to participate in a groupwork setting.

Stage 2

Programmes focus on personal development activity

Young people may progress into a stage 2 programmes directly from school if they are comfortable in group work setting but have specific issues around confidence, operating as part of a team, timekeeping etc.

Stage 3

Programmes have a specific employability focus - either based around developing generic and/or specialist employability skills

It may be appropriate for a young person to progress from one stage 3 intervention to another depending on the specialism of the particular programmes - i.e. a generic skills programme like Connect3 may then lead onto the young person progressing to a more specialist programme like one of the Sector Skills Academy programmes.

Stage 4

Programmes are designed for young people who are job ready and require support to access appropriate employment

Typically these programmes are supported through a wage subsidy model of some kind with an employer being supported by public funds to part cover salary costs for employing a young person within their company. Many stage 4 programmes also provide support to allow young people to access training including Modern Apprenticeships.

Stage 5

Services cover aftercare offered to young people and their employers to support young people to stay in employment once they have secured a job.

Specialist Employability Programmes

We have a commitment to make sure that disadvantaged and unrepresented young people who have Additional Support Needs have access to appropriate support. There are many partner agencies who offer specific supports to these groups of young people and these specialist programmes are list below. Most of these partners are able to offer a "needs led" approach and therefore it is not appropriate to map these against the skills pipeline.

Click here to search the directory for local employability provision.

There are also national agencies who offer a range of products to support individual improve their employability skills.

Fair Start Scotland

Fair Start Scotland is the new employment support service for Scotland.

Fair Start Scotland will:

  • Develop your skills and attributes
  • Help you achieve your goal of employment or self-employment
  • Help you find suitable work placements or volunteering opportunities

Fair Start Scotland

Skills Development Scotland : Scotland’s National Skills Agency

Support and Funding for Individuals

Employer Support - Products/Services from Our Skillsforce Portal


Department of Work and Pensions : Supporting individuals move from benefits to work

Support and Funding for Individuals

Employer Support